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Cutting / Grinding Oil (PCL-209)

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PCL-209 is a brown transparent cutting / grinding oil to be diluted with water. It inhibits cobalt leaching of tungsten carbide cutting tools during metal working and does not cause color change or etching of non-ferrous metals.


- Inhibition of Cobalt Leaching

This inhibits cobalt leaching of tungsten carbide tools.

- Pressure Resistance Property

This exhibits excellent pressure resistance at least 1,000 pounds with 2% mixture.

- Formation of Process Coat

This forms a protective coat which plays a role as a fluxing agent in the shear zone

- Metal Inert Materials

This is manufactured with metal-inert materials to protect sensitive yellow metals.


- Excellent Rust Inhibition

This exhibits excellent rust inhibition property. It has passed the 60-hour hard-water rust inhibition test at 70’C with 5% diluted solution.(Dilution up to 30:1)

- Low Pollution and Low Toxicity

This product does not contain any toxic chemicals which result in potential cancer-causing factors, physical disability and metabolic imbalance.


Dilution Rate

Mechanical Work of Iron & Non-Ferrous Alloys

1 ~ 15 % mixing depending on users and metal components

Aluminum and Soft Metals

0.5 ~ 2.0%

Grinding Work


Engine Radiator

Small Size-100 ml, Middle Size-120 ml, Large Size-200 -400 ml